Colorado Avalanche goalie Jonathan Bernier takes ...
David Zalubowski, The Associated Press
Colorado Avalanche goalie Jonathan Bernier takes a drink after giving up a goal to Dallas Stars center Jason Spezza during the second period of an NHL hockey game Sunday, Dec. 3, 2017, in Denver.

The Avalanche lost 7-2 to the Dallas Stars on Sunday night at the Pepsi Center. The game story is here.


  1. Tyler Seguin. Top-line center had two goals and was plus-2 in 20:34 for the Stars.
  2. Brett Ritchie. Dallas’ fourth-line right wing had two third-period goals to put the Avalanche away.
  3. John Klingberg. Stars defenseman had two assists in 21:10.


Dallas’ seven goals were the most it has scored this season and tied for the most allowed by the Avalanche (7-0 loss at Vegas Oct. 27).


Buffalo, Tuesday, 7 p.m. Pepsi Center

Five takeaways:

Insulting effort. The Avs allowed a 6-on-4 empty-net goal at 17:24 of the third period. While on the power play, Colorado pulled goalie Semyon Varlamov for a sixth attacker. Devin Shore scored on the empty net with a mid-ice shot. With a two-man advantage, you need better effort in this situation, regardless of the fact Dallas led 5-2 at the time.

Doing the math. Colorado, 1-3 on this five-game homestand, has played a Western Conference-low 25 games, so having the third-fewest points in the conference behind Edmonton and Arizona isn’t a fair representation of where it stands. But the Avs have fallen BELOW .500 in real math (12-13). The NHL says they’re 12-11-2 but that adds up to 13 losses no matter how it looks. The Buffalo Sabres (6-17-4) have a league-low 16 points, and the NHL has made Colorado’s game Tuesday against the lowly Sabres its free game on NHL.TV. Make no mistake, this is a big game for the Avs. They can’t lose to Buffalo at home and truly believe they can turn this thing around with the upcoming road trip at Tampa Bay, Florida, Pittsburgh and Washington.

Stoned. The Avs are usually good with the man-advantage in Denver. Not Sunday. They finished 0-for-3 on the power play, just the third time in 13 homes games they have been played. Dallas, which is third in the league in penalty killing, is the only team to prevent Colorado from scoring on the power play at home. The Stars are a combined 9-for-9 on the PK in those three games.

No. 600. Erik Johnson played in his 600th career NHL game. Good for him. And good for him to call the team out after the loss. Johnson is the outspoken leader of this team. I like his style.

Bad draw. The Avs were 29-36 in faceoffs against the Stars, and continue to sit last in the league in percentage. They are currently at 43.4 percent. Top-line center Nathan MacKinnon was 4-10. Seguin led the Stars at 13-4.

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