NBC News fired longtime “Today” show host Matt Lauer on Wednesday for “inappropriate sexual behavior.”
NBC News fired longtime “Today” show host Matt Lauer on Wednesday for “inappropriate sexual behavior.”

Re: “NBC fires ‘Today’ host Matt Lauer for inappropriate behavior,” Nov. 29 news story.

I was shocked by the news that Matt Lauer was fired by NBC for alleged sexual misconduct.

I find it interesting that people outside of politics are fired, but accused politicians are allowed to continue in their positions.

I realize our legal system is based on “innocent until proved guilty,” but politicians policing themselves is not good. We do not like it when police, teachers and other professions police themselves — we cry foul. But we allow politicians to police themselves with seemingly no other recourse than the ballot box, by which time the average voter has forgotten. Many of these people are responsible for enforcing and/or writing the laws of the country.

I think there is a double standard and I believe it is wrong.

Dennis C. Jackson, Broomfield

If Matt Lauer behaved inappropriately he should be fired. I’m so disappointed to hear about this, but what is so infuriating is that we have, in the White House, a serial sexual harasser who, instead of being fired, is running and ruining our country. Not only that, he is now backing an alleged child molester running for the Senate. Where is the justice here? Donald Trump is a despicable human being and he has the gall to make comments about the other men who are losing jobs, being shamed in the public eye, and are possibly having their lives completely turned upside-down, when he is one of the worst offenders of all. It’s sickening and disgusting and doesn’t say anything positive about the dignity of our country.

Sally Alberts, Monument

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