Suspicious scratches. On Nov. 19, deputies were dispatched to a residence on the 26000 block of Hill Top Drive, Evergreen, in reference to a triggered alarm. According to a report, deputies found an unsecured front door, but nothing seemed out of place in the house. Deputies noted in the report that the resident had a motion-sensing alarm and a cat. The resident later called police to say he found scratches on his door near the lock, which made him believe someone tried to break in.

Keyed. On Nov. 16, deputies talked to a man who reported an incident on the 5000 block of West 53rd Avenue in Arvada. The man told deputies he noticed a “deep scratch” on the side of his car, according to a report. He said the scratch extended from his driver-side door to the rear bumper.

Who drives a Hummer these days? Deputies were dispatched Nov. 14 to the Dillards at 8501 W. Bowles Ave., Littleton. According to a report, a man with short hair, a red neck tattoo and a camouflage jacket allegedly stole two Nike brand clothing items. The man drove away in a black Hummer H3, deputies reported.

Several cells. On Nov. 16, deputies were dispatched to the Target at 9390 W. Cross Drive, Littleton, in reference to a theft. According to a report, store surveillance allegedly captured footage of three men steal three cellphones from the electronics section Nov. 14. An employee told deputies one of the men returned the next day and allegedly stole a fourth cellphone.

License plate thief. Deputies were dispatched Nov. 16 to a residence on the 6000 block of South Union Way, Littleton. A woman told deputies her car’s rear license plate was stolen, according to a report.

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