Two on one. Officers were called to the 790 block of South Utica Street on Nov. 18 on a report of an attempted vehicle theft. A man told police he was inside a residence when he heard a noise outside and saw damage to a passenger window of his vehicle. The man said he and his brother walked outside and saw a man near the vehicle. They chased the man when he ran away. When police arrived, the pair were holding the man down on the ground, according to a police report.

Drawn to Denver Pavilions. Officers were dispatched to the Denver Pavilions, 500 16th St., Nov. 17 after security personnel complained of a trespasser. Officers found the man, who already had been cited twice on suspicion of trespassing and narcotics use, seated on the Corner Bakery patio, according to a police report. The man received another trespassing citation, according to the report.

Breaking curfew. Police stopped by a neighborhood park on the 1600 block of North Marion Street after public use hours Nov. 17. Three people received citations for breaking curfew, according to a police report. Police have received multiple complaints about drug use in the park and needles left at the park, according to the report.

RTD graffiti. On Nov. 18, police were dispatched to the 4200 block of East Colorado Center Drive after RTD officers reported a man was caught tagging the agency’s property. RTD officers had detained the man, who they said was defacing property with a black marking pen, according to a police report. Officers found a black marker in the man’s front pocket, according to the report. He received a criminal mischief citation.

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