Denver’s GoSpotCheck has collected another $21.5 million from existing investors and plans to use the funds to expand its engineering and sales teams while beefing up the intelligence of its technology — a tracking system to beer brewers, for example, to make sure their product looks good on store shelves.

“We’ve been really lucky to grow across all our main categories of customers,” said CEO Matt Talbot, adding that annual revenues are up 100 percent from last year. “Obviously, we care about revenues, but the amount of data captured on the platform increased 200 percent. That speaks to the usage.”

The Series B1 round was led by existing investors Insight Venture Partners and Point Nine Capital. GoSpotCheck has raised $47.5 million to date. It raised $16.4 million in September 2016.

The home-grown GoSpotCheck got its start at the Techstars accelerator in 2011 when founders decided to pivot from selling maternity clothing to a secret-shopper-like service. With the GoSpotCheck app, field workers can take pictures in a store while vendors can access the data and see how their products are displayed on shelves. They can remotely make data-based decisions on pricing, shelf position and marketing.

While revenues are up, the data use has doubled because clients are using the technology more heavily. To add more benefits, GoSpotCheck plans to invest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to help clients using the software to do things like use data to figure out how to increase efficiency among employees.

The company employs about 100 people and recently expanded its office space to 22,000 square feet at 1500 Market Street. Talbot said with the funding, the company is looking for more engineers and sales people and expects to be at 170 employees by the end of 2018.

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